The Satta King – His Royal Seat

The satta, also known as the satta kuda, satta granth or simply satta chair is the traditional seat used by the Malays and people from East Asia and other parts of the world such as Australia. This seat has a unique history that dates back to hundreds of years ago. The satta has always been a symbol of authority in Malaysia. Although the use of the satta has declined in the modern society, the satta remains to be a part of the social life of Malays. Here are some interesting facts about the satta and its interesting background in Malaysia.

The origin of the satta can be traced to Thailand. The long history of the satta is associated with the rise of the Ma Sung (the Ma Thai) dynasty. The Ma Thai was the first kingdom to rule over the various tribes and other groups of people in Thailand. The Ma Thai throne was then inherited by his successors, who then started the reign of Siam (the reign of Siam Kings), Prathmudar and later the present Malaysian Government. As time went by, the satta slowly evolved into the satta kuda which is still popular among the masses in Malaysia.

According to legend, the satta king fast chair was created as a gift by the God of Wealth, Buddha in order for the monks of Buddhism to find a seat that they could sit on to meditate. In the meantime, the Godparents of Buddha had left a number of states or boxes of beans in the three directions of the prayer hall. When these sattas were finally found, the monks went and collected all the beans one by one.

The tradition of the satta kids continued even after the departure of the last Buddha. Some families even preserved the tradition and kept the satta as a living memorial for the departed ones. Today, a number of hotels and other establishments rent out satta kudas. A live satta chair can be a good gift for any occasion, but especially during Diwali where such presents are considered auspicious by most Hindus.

There are many stories about the origin of the satta kuda. But whatever the story may be, a satta chair has always been a symbol of royalty. No wonder that even today, when you enter a palace or a temple, you would see a seated Buddha in the midst of the devotees. For those who want to have a close encounter of the true king of gods, the satta chair is the best way to do so.

Of course, just like any other item, the satta chair comes in different colors and sizes. They are made of various materials such as silk, cloth, leather, and metal. Some of the expensive ones are made of copper, which can cost more than $1000. So if you want to have a real seat of the gods, it would be best if you order your very own satta chair so that you can actually sit on the seat of power in your house, temple or resort.

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